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30 Minute consultation from a Certified Caregiving Consultant


Subscription to your personal call companion mobile app

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Your loved ones do not need a smart phone for Angel’s check in calls.


Your Family’s Intelligent Caregiving Assistant

A 2 Minute Care Call A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Using Care Angel’s Care Services is as Easy as 1-2-3


Tell Angel who to care for, select what to ask, record a greeting & when to call. It’s easy, fast and effortless.



Mom simply answers ANGEL’s guided questions about her health & wellbeing, while getting important health reminders.



Get alerted when something isn’t right. Track how mom feels, if she took her medication, blood pressure, & more.


Powerful Caregiving App Makes Caring for Loved Ones Easy


Check-in Care Calls

The right information at the right time. From wellbeing to vitals & medication adherence – it’s just a tap away!

Care Alerts

Alerts sent to you in real time. Catch issues that need attention. Keep loved ones happy, healthy & safe.

Care Reports

Get fast snapshots & intuitive reporting. Detailed reporting to share and print. Recognize trends & catch issues early.
Senior Hospitalizations Avoidable with Proper Monitoring
Seniors don’t Adhere to Medications
Seniors No Smartphones/ No Apps

3 Exclusive Programs Supporting 3 Premium Members

Only $24.95 a month

You can provide important legal protection for your senior loved ones and have unlimited caregiving tools and guidance and your fingertips.


and you’ll receive

Premium Members Receive the Support, Relief and Peace of Mind to Include

No legal hassles!

As a caregiver, one of the most important things you can be responsible for is having the proper legal documents in place or updated. With a SeniorGuards premium membership, you gain support, relief and peace of mind with the support from Legalzoom’s 16,000+ attorneys located throughout all 50 states.


Two Free Wills

Members and loved ones will receive 2 free wills or living trusts
along with document reviews and much more..

Unlimited Consulting

You can have unlimited attorney calls for elder issues. As your needs change – you’ll have support just a call away.

Unlimited Data Storage

Store, secure and share all important documents, pictures and information in your own digital vault.

What else do you get as a premium member?

As a caregiver it’s difficult enough to make decisions for a loved one, but it’s especially taxing when you add on work and other family responsibilities. Senior Providers Network simplifies the caregiver decision-making process with an online platform connecting you to a virtual gerontologist (aging professional) to “ask the expert” along with a vetted, national network of caregiving professionals to speak with directly

With the SeniorProvidersNetwork, you simply:

Choose your life situation

Answer guided questions on-line

Opportunity to connect with a Professional


Email your questions to Senior Specialist

Your Loved Ones..

Discharging from a hospital or facility

Can no longer safely stay at home

Is home but needs assistance

Has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

Moving logistics

Elder law services

1 App. Calling 3 loved ones.
Updating 3 Family Members

Premium members receive Care Angel PRO, which provides up to three care call recipients and your personal care circle group text messaging.


Q. When does my membership begin?

A. Your member benefits begin one (1) business day after enrolling.

Q. How long is my membership?

A. Memberships are for one (1) year from date of enrollment.

Q. Once I enroll do I need to do anything else to use the program?

A. Yes. In addition to receiving your welcome letter, Legalzoom will send you and email to register with them directly it is required to take action to receive legal services along with your activating your on-line digital storage vault.

Q. What if I have general questions?

A. Simply complete the general question box and a MySupportGuards representative will respond to you directly.

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